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Éditions Pastels

Fictional Paris Magazine. We're having a lot of fun with the virtual Paris Bookshop, and the fictional little enclave of North American expats living around it in the Ruelle des Amis (also fictional). I can only do this with realism because I've been there, done that. Please stand by as I build this into a fictional theme park and paradise for you to revel in. We'll leave out the nitty-gritty and go for the big, beautiful city. Adjunct to this is my faux Milan-style virtual shopping mall Citta Moda (Fashion City). Having lots of fun; you will also. More info soon. (JTC)

Stand By—More Info Coming Soon. Thanks for your interest and patience—we'll talk more soon. Adieu until then. I'm your host, Jean-Thomas Cullen.

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Luxembourg, European Union, United States


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